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An end is always a new beginning. Friendships formed in the years of school, high school, college, university, are the strongest and can last a lifetime. That is why the end of years full of memories and knowledge must be crowned as it should be.

You will have a truly unforgettable party at Garden Palace Events Restaurant. A place full of freshness that seems to be cut from a biology book. The nature-carved trees intertwine their branches beautifully, and the flowers give a special color to the terrace. These will be a perfect setting for photos with your dear colleagues. A successful addition will be an individual photo banner.

And we are a young team, that's why we will share our energy with you, young people who are just about to enjoy the pleasures of life. We know your desires, so we will fulfill them all. Tailor-made food, drinks to the limit of decency (law), decor, information panel, candy bar and lots and lots of fun on the huge dance floor.

Graduation Ceremony
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